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TOADAY! March 20th Action Agenda

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WIN organizes year in and year out to lift the voices and priorities of District residents for economic justice and racial equity.

Election seasons are essential times to raise residents’ voices and make sure the candidates speak and act on the most critical issues to our communities. Many candidates are running for council-member, Chairman, Attorney General, and Mayor.

We know that our voices are too often ignored when we stand alone. We are organizing to stand together in the thousands of voters to have more power together to act and WIN. 

How does WIN decide what issues to work on?

We create our agenda from the bottom up. Thousands of our members are constantly listening to their community members and neighbors through 1-1 meetings, small group listening, door knocking, phone banking, and on Zoom.

Leader teams identify the most important issues to residents and then work together to identify practical solutions and turn them into policy proposals.

What is the WIN agenda for 2022?

WIN is entirely non-partisan; we never endorse a candidate. Regardless of who is elected, we will continue organizing to ensure they act on and implement the WIN agenda.

We organize the power (organized people and money) needed to win on the issues. We challenge and engage corporate and government actors. We act, work, and strive to bring enough voters together to make action undeniable!

The following list is our agenda for 2022:

Download WIN’s 2022 Issue Agenda

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We invite you to stand with WIN.

1. Join us on March 20th 

We look forward to seeing you on March 20th! A Zoom link will be shared with everyone who signed up before the action.

WIN’s 2022 Issue Agenda Video

2. Organize your neighbors/community

3. Stay in touch with WIN

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and sign up for the WIN agenda.

We will post updates about what your neighbors are doing to organize, how you can get involved, upcoming trainings, and the candidates’ position on the WIN agenda.

4. Endorse the WIN agenda

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We are seeking to lift the voices and faces of thousands of District residents.

Share a photo or a short video (30 sec – 1 minute recorded on phone or camera) saying why you support WIN’s agenda.

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