WIN Leadership and Staff

WIN is driven by leaders from member institutions who form a strategy team, elected annually by the membership

Strategy Team:

Ms. Jacqueline Wright, Calvary Baptist Church

Pastor Anthony Minter, First Rock Baptist Church, Co-Chair

Ms. Anne Ford, Holy Comforter St. Cyprian Catholic Church

Rev. William Lamar IV, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Co-Chair

Mr. John More, St. John’s Episcopal Church Lafayette Square, Treasurer

Ms. Barbara Kraft, Temple Sinai, Co-Chair

Ms. Rufaro Jenkins, New Life Ministries

Rev. Ryane Nickens, The TraRon Center

The current strategy team has nominated the following people to join the Strategy Team in Fall 2022:

Celeste Bryant, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, (Strategy Team Nominee)

Rabbi Hanna Goldstein, Temple Sinai,(Strategy Team Nominee)

Rabbi Aaron Alexander, Adas Israel ,(Strategy Team Nominee)

Rev. Andre L. Greene, Varick Memorial Church AME,(Strategy Team Nominee)

Tiffany Slater, (Board of Trustees Nominee)

Dr. Ann Michel, (Board of Trustees Nominee)


Amy Vruno, Lead Organizer
Rev. Alison Dunn-Almaguer, Senior Organizer
Sidra Siddiqui, Organizer
Yvette Barnes, Office Manager
Helen Gebregiorgis, Digital Content & Communications Organizer
Joaquin Agudelo, Administritive Coordinator