Bringing Climate Action & Racial Equity Together

WIN imagines a just green future that includes fair wage green jobs, electrifying housing while maintaining affordability, and building a coalition of DC residents at the forefront of change.

What we are working on

  • We are organizing DC residents who are concerned about the future of our planet. We want to make sure the transition to a green economy in DC includes residents of all races and income levels.
  • Organizing to unlock climate opportunities through public housing
    Over 1,000 public housing units have been deemed unlivable. They are empty, while countless others are in unhealthy conditions and still housing families. WIN leaders want to capture green resources to capitalize on this opportunity to transform public housing into a healthy, clean, and green place to live. Will you gather your neighbors and congregants for training on the intersection of climate and housing?
  • Connecting Congregations to Resources to Green their Systems
    Do you have a congregation that would like to explore replacing their inefficient and unhealthy gas appliances? WIN is working with BlocPower, a Black-owned climate organization that has retrofitted over 1,000 buildings in NYC. Will you be part of bringing those opportunities to buildings in DC? We invite your team to begin a conversation on how they can transition the congregation off of gas to be healthier, more energy-efficient, and ultimately cost-effective.

Buildings are the number one drivers of climate emissions in the District largely because they still rely on methane gas for heating, cooling and cooking. WIN is organizing to address climate change and housing affordability at the same time by pushing for subsidies to upgrade and electrify heating systems and insulate homes, while preserving units as affordable. We also support the expansion of public transit, especially to connect under resourced communities to economic opportunity.  Specifically for 2022: 

  • Propose and work with us to pass legislation to divert at least $1 billion  from Washington Gas Subsidy to electrifying and green thousands of units of housing.  Ratepayer money should not go toward subsidizing climate polluting energy of the past – but rather a climate friendly future.
  • Green Building Analysis funds. A barrier to greening buildings is the upfront cost to assess what retrofits are needed. We propose a dedicated multi-million fund to help building owners assess what is needed to green their building. There are similar programs in New York state that have helped ease the barriers to retrofits.¬†
  • Support public transit. ¬†Transportation is the number two driver of climate emissions in the District. If we want to address climate change we need to get people out of cars and into safe, accessible and affordable public transportation in all neighborhoods of the District. We want to make it easy and safe for residents to ride transit – especially the bus- open ups educational and economic opportunities. We also are seeking ways to address concerns about safety on public transportation without over-policing. We are organizing with residents to identify places disconnected by public transportation because the wait times for a bus are too long.

WIN is a non-partisan network of faith institutions, non-profits, unions, and neighborhood leaders across all eight wards of the District. In an increasingly polarized time, we unite people across lines of race, class, religion, and neighborhood to build power for social justice. We organize ordinary people to take actions that strengthen and improve the quality of life of our communities. We believe people working together have the power to change and create a more just and equitable District.