Racial Equity/ Climate/ Housing Campaign Organizers

WE ARE HIRING!! Racial Equity/ Climate/ Housing Campaign Organizers 

The Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) is hiring organizers to change the world for the better. We are particularly seeking to hire at least two organizers to focus on the intersections of our ongoing campaigns: Black Equity Through Homeowners, Climate, Housing Affordability and Transit. Join us to make an impact alongside inspiring leaders. 


Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) is a District-wide people’s power organization rooted in local congregations and associations. WIN trains and develops community leaders to act to bring about more economic justice and racial equity, hold elected and corporate officials accountable and make a concrete impact on issues. We organize people and money to act together to win. 

-Big Impact. WIN has impacted tens of thousands of people through organizing power with people to shape housing, jobs, youth, education, racial equity, and economic justice. WIN is a vehicle for community leaders to act together for a seat at the table to shape the District and the world. We act and win on some of the most critical issues of our time. 

-Great People. Work alongside and in the service of a talented, visionary, inspiring, dedicated, and diverse team of leaders. We organize to develop community leaders who build and lead powerful organizations. Our vision of a better world is where all people have a seat at the table, especially when decisions are made in our democracy. We believe that tenants, school parents, frontline workers, people impacted by the criminal justice system, and community members have the best ideas about how to solve the most challenging problems. 

-Opportunity to grow. We strive for a work culture of learning, growth, and development. We strive to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to work on projects that stretch them and are deeply meaningful. While we also all roll up our sleeves to pull our weight with some more mundane tasks that need to get done. Be a part of a team made up of interesting, smart, driven, and diverse colleagues and leaders who are deeply committed to their growth and the growth of each other. Through WIN, you can do meaningful local work and connect to a community of allies across the country and abroad. We take our Drive to build power for the people seriously, and we work hard. We take the work seriously but try not to take ourselves too seriously. We also strive to organize with joy, a sense of humor, and balance. 


  1. A drive to act: not rigid ideological fervor nor abstract commitment to “the people,” but a clear sense of what’s wrong, impatience in the face of that wrong, and a drive to address it. A willingness to make things happen and take calculated risks.
  2. Curiosity: A drive to know people, question the status quo, understand how power works, and understand what is behind any curtain or inside every opaque box. 
  3. Empathy, and relationality, especially across race, culture, religion, and income. An ability to listen and to build deep trust with people.
  4. Self-reflection and Drive for growth Someone who knows themselves and understands their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Willing to learn from mistakes and strives to know more about themselves and how to relate to the world.  
  5. Intelligence: Not necessarily degrees, but the ability to think, reflect, communicate, challenge conventional wisdom, make judgments in complicated situations, and show flexibility. 
  6. A track record: Some evidence, in school, the local community, or the workplace, of attempting to relate to people and respond to situations that seemed to demand responses. Some success in whatever field, career, or endeavor has occupied their time.
  7. Hustle/Drive, The work of organizing is not only about the highlight reels of victories but also the hard work of making phone calls, knocking on doors, gatherings, and training (small and large). Ella Baker talked about the importance of doing the “spadework” of organizing that makes the ground ready for planting. Organizing is as much spadework as harvesting. 
  8. Sense of Humor Life is short. The road to justice is long; find joy along the way. Laugh often, especially in the community and especially at yourself. 


-One -Three (1-3) or more years of experience organizing or in community-based work.

-Can meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks. 

-Excellent personal accountability and follow-through.

-WIN is an equal opportunity employer. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are strongly encouraged to apply.


We are looking for organizers at many levels of experience, including people just starting in their careers, mid-career people looking to make a lateral move into a new field, and experienced organizers who can grow into the role of Lead Organizer.

Responsibilities: The core duty is to identify, recruit, and train leaders using proven person-to-person organizing methods. Also, guide and support leaders in shaping campaigns to win on important issues. Organizers are a mix of talent scouts, coaches, strategists, field researchers, policy nerds, campaign builders, drivers of action, evaluators, listeners, agitators, and team builders. The job is rarely boring. Core responsibilities include:

-Set up and conduct 15-20 one-to-one meetings per week (a focused 40-minute meeting with a person to build a relationship and to find leaders for public action).

-Build organizing teams in 8-10 congregations and public housing communities in 2-3 local neighborhoods.

-Build and act on campaigns to win on issues. 

-Write a weekly reflection and participate in a weekly check-in with the Lead Organizer.


We have openings in DC. We have close allies in other locations around the country. An organizer is not stuck behind a desk but meeting people where they are in congregations, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, etc. 


Salary, health care & retirement: Compensation will match experience and responsibility levels. Early career $40,000, later career $80,000+, to more for Executive Director level positions in our network of allies. We offer excellent benefits packages, including employer-paid family health insurance, generous employer contribution to retirement (after 90 days), generous paid vacation, and paid holiday leave. We are serious about professional development. We do our email, remote meetings from our homes, or a coffee shop, or a central office in Logan Circle, etc. 

Closing date of positions: As soon as filled.

How to apply: Please send a note sharing why you want to organize your relevant experience, salary expectations, and resume or linked in profile to [email protected]  Please put WIN ORGANIZER JOBS in the subject line.