WIN Leadership and Staff

WIN is driven by leaders from member institutions who form a strategy team, elected annually by the membership

Strategy Team:

Ms. Jacqueline Wright, Calvary Baptist Church, Secretary
Rev. Joseph Daniels, Emory United Methodist Church
Ms. Hazel Broadnax, Emory United Methodist Church
Pastor Anthony Minter, First Rock Baptist Church, Co-Chair
Ms. Anne Ford, Holy Comforter St. Cyprian Catholic Church
Ms. Felicia Miller, Holy Comforter St. Cyprian Catholic Church
Rev. Karen Brau, Luther Place Memorial Church
Rev. Michael Wilker, Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Co-Chair
Mr. Albert Sabir, Masjid Muhammad
Rev. William Lamar IV, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. H. Lionel Edmonds, Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church
Fr. Patrick A. Smith, St. Augustine Catholic Church
Mrs. Angela Wilson-Turnbull, St. Augustine Catholic Church
Mr. John More, St. John’s Episcopal Church Lafayette Square, Treasurer
Mrs. Barbara Kraft, Temple Sinai
Rev. Amanda Poppei, Washington Ethical Society


Rev. Alison Dunn-Almaguer, Senior Organizer

Yvette Barnes, Office Manager

Michael Weber, Communications Fellow

One thought on “WIN Leadership and Staff

  1. Jennifer,
    What’s your email address? I’m working on getting DC employment figures. We can’t get them by ward, but we may be able to get them by ZIP code.
    Paul Ramshaw, 302-1115, Luther Place Church

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