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Please note that we will be running several research actions over the next few weeks, the first one of which is this coming Monday.  If you’re planning on being active on a campaign, please participate in the research action.

If you’ll be joining us, please rsvp to [email protected], or call one of us. (You can find our numbers here)

City finances – Finding the Money for Resident Priorities
Monday November 26
th 7pm-8:30 at DCFPI 820 First Street NE
Guest trainer Ed Lazere from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute will help us learn about the DC budget, bond-rating, the fiscal cliff, etc to prepare pragmatic proposals for affordable housing, homeless services, youth, and job creation.

Green Job Creation in DC – Storm water, Weatherization, etc.
Tuesday December 4
th 7pm-8:30

Affordable Housing –  Land, finance, and current politics of housing and homelessness Tuesday December 4th 7pm -8:30

Schools/ Youth – Visiting our Sister Organization BUILD
Thursday December
 6th 1pm-5:30 
Travel to Baltimore, meet with leaders, learn about BUILD’s work organizing in schools, and creating educational and learning opportunities for youth.   

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