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Seek the shalom of the city…

for in its wellbeing

you will find your own”

                                                        -Jeremiah 29:7

We pledge to engage thousands of residents to step up and create a new moral and political culture, one that does not fall on the hubris or misdeeds of a few, but rises on the aspirations, hard work, and leadership of tens of thousands of our residents.

Washington is our city; it is our responsibility.

WIN Agenda

1) Affordable housing for all. Development brings benefits, but has also meant that many are being priced out of neighborhoods. We need affordable housing for family and seniors, supportive housing for homeless persons, and accountability for developers to pay back subsidies if they fail to provide the affordable housing they promised.

2) A safe and stable place for youth. To address youth unemployment and homelessness and lack of access to a quality education in our city, we call on DC to invest in quality schools, youth recreation, enrichment and services so all can have a bright future.

3) Jobs with dignity for all. In this tough economic time, DC needs to invest in job creation, offer training that match jobs of the future, enforce living wage laws, and require city contractors to enter binding agreements to pay back subsidies if they fail to create jobs promised.


Join our network of faith and secular institutions and concerned individuals to advocate for these important issues!

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