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In keeping with our Shalom for the City vision for DC, here are WIN’s policy and funding priorities for the FY14 DC city budget:

Build Homes

We support the dedication of $100 million for the production of additional units of affordable housing. On February 5, 2013, Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced the dedication of $100 million for the production of additional units of affordable housing through the FY13 Supplemental budget. After years of budget cuts, this use of the District’s “prosperity dividend” is received with great welcome.

Invest $32 million in affordable housing programs for FY14. In alignment with our fellow coalition members of CNHED and the Fair Budget coalition, WIN proposes $20 million for the Housing Production trust fund, $8 million for Local rent supplement programs and $4 million for Home Purchase Assistance Programs

End Chronic Homelessness in 5 Years.  Invest $13.5 million in the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Housing First Program to serve 540 additional chronically homeless individuals and families.

Invest in Our Youth

Reach all homeless youth by 2018 Invest $6.1 million in year one to provide housing, intensive counseling, educational, and career services for 150 youth.  As well as to fund, for the first time, a coordinated and mobile intake system for the estimated 3,000 youth ages 16-24 who experience homelessness every year in DC.

Connecting Disconnected Youth Education and a Career.  Invest $5 million to serve 1,000 disconnected youth.  There are 9,910 youth in DC who are neither in school nor have a job.  This funding would connect 1,000 youth 16-24 with high quality and outcome driven programs to reconnect disconnected youth with school and / or training and employment.

A Modern City with Jobs for All

DC must upgrade its infrastructure to green and modernize our city.  This creates opportunities to connect unemployed residents with careers.  In the FY2014 Budget Support Act WIN will organize to include language on accountability and incentives for hiring unemployed residents in areas such as Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrades at DC Water & DC Department of Environment, Energy Retrofits on private homes and public buildings, and Transportation Upgrades

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