DC for ALL – WIN FY14 Budget Priorities

In keeping with our Shalom for the City vision for DC, here are WIN’s policy and funding priorities for the FY14 DC city budget:

WIN leaders and the base of voters we represent have developed the following platform for the FY2014 DC Budget after listening to thousands of voters face to face on the doors, in congregation pews, and in community centers. We heard voters want investments in youth, housing, and ending homelessness.

● REACHING ALL HOMELESS YOUTH BY 2018 Invest $6.1 million in year one to provide housing, intensive counseling, educational, and career services for 150 youth. This money would also fund, for the first time, a coordinated and mobile intake system for the estimated 3,000 youth ages 13-24 who experience homelessness every year in DC.

● END HOMELESSNESS FOR 800+ HOUSEHOLDS Invest $10 million in local rent supplement

● ENDING CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS IN 5 YEARS. Invest $13.5 million in the Department of Human Services’ Housing First Program to serve 540 additional chronically homeless individuals and families.

● CONNECTING DISCONNECTED YOUTH Invest $5 million to serve 1,000 disconnected youth. There are 9,910 youth in DC who are neither in school nor employed. This funding would connect 1,000 youth 16-24 with high quality and outcome driven programs to reconnect disconnected youth with school and / or training and employment.

● $100 MILLION FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING. WIN supports the mayor’s proposal to dedicate an additional $100
million to affordable housing through the FY13 Supplemental budget.


WIN leaders should not demand action from our elected officials unless we are first willing to act and organize. In the next few months WIN is committed to keeping voters informed of the positions and actions of councilmembers through:

● Canvassing In June – 150 WIN leaders go door to door to canvass voters that we have already identified as supporting the WIN priorities and to identify more to inform them of which elected officials took action to support the WIN agenda and who did not.

● Phone-banking – On May 1st and 14th, We will phone bank voters to inform them of the council actions and results of key budget negotiations

● Email to supporters / Social Media – We will send an email update to WIN leaders and supporters to keep them up to date on the actions of councilmembers.

Showing Up WIN leaders have and will be present in pairs, dozens, and larger groups at the Wilson building to make our positions known, hear alternative proposals, negotiate details, and to observe key votes.


This budget cycle WIN will measure councilmembers through action – votes- not promises. The leaders and voters of WIN encourage councilmembers to act to invest in these pressing priorities – no matter what ward the represent, and no matter what committee the chair and sit on We will recognize councilmember actions or inaction though monitoring and promoting councilmembers:

● VOTES IN COMMITTEE To meet the goal of ending homelessness, increasing affordable housing, and reaching our youth we cannot only leave it up to the Human Services or Economic Development committee to bear the load. We urge councilmembers to vote in committee to transfer funds from other committees to the WIN budget priorities.

● COUNCIL HORSE TRADING We will stand with councilmembers who work to promote the WIN agenda and move the priorities forward through negotiations with their colleagues.

● FINAL VOTE We will monitor the votes and take note of who voted and acted on the WIN agenda and who did not.


Check out what councilmembers have done so far in regards to the FY14 budget priorities.

Councilmember positions on WIN Budget

Check out the final FY2014 Budget analysis by the DCFPI here and a breakdown on the $100 million in Affordable housing through the Housing Production Trust Fund  FUNDING ALLOCATION for MAYORS HPTF $100M INITIATIVE

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